Friday, April 1, 2011

A Note from Visiting Artist Patricia Ritter

As the visiting artist at DCMS, I had a great two days with students and art teacher Kim Soule. Prior to my arrival, the students had already discussed the pollution of groundwater through careless disposal of motor oils and other materials and I came to their classroom to expand this science project through painting with watercolors. After we looked at some of my paintings of rivers and creeks, we moved on to an introduction of working with watercolors by experimenting with various techniques such as washes, color mixing, brushwork and letting the water move the pigment around on the paper. Day two found us creating paintings of water rushing around rocks in a creek bed. Although students followed along with me as we drew out and then painted our 8" x 8" watercolors, you will see that each work of art is different and expresses individual use of design, color and techniques. Thank you to VSA of KY and Ms. Soule for this wonderful opportunity!

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