Monday, May 9, 2011

"Day of Celebration"

We concluded our project with a "Day of Celebration" The students acted as guides and took their parents and others from the community who visited that day around the school to view the art exhibits. Each class celebrated with treats and there was cake for all the visitors and teachers!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Soluble Oil Painting

The students put on gloves for this. It is Messy!!!! But Fun:)

Painting is what I love to do and what a joy to share this process with my students! We applied the mixture of Water Soluble Oil Paint over the Acrylic base (it was dry) and they we used spatulas and toothpicks to scratch in trees and rivers.

Water, Water Everywhere - painting in a background

For this project the students are going to use Water Soluble Oil Paints and Dorlands cold wax on top of an acrylic background. The first day we painted the Acrylic background and the students chose their own color.

The Art of Conserving Water

In Art we discussed the many ways of conserving water. The chart shows some of the ways we discussed. We made posters to put around the school reminding others to conserve water.