Friday, April 22, 2011

Delaire Rowe, Executive Director of VSA Kentucky, visits DCMS

Yesterday, April 21st, I visited Drakes Creek Middle School to observe the Artistry of Water project. The program was made possible through a national program called the VSA Arts Integrated Demonstration Project. Kim Soule is the art teacher at Drakes Creek and she is hosting the events, teaching classes, and coordinating the program.

Kristina Arnold was the guest artist that day. She is an installation artist, as well as, the Gallery Director and Professor in the Department of Art at Western Kentucky University. Kristina collaborated with Kim and the students in creating an installation at the entrance of the school.

They painted on long sheets of vinyl and made 3-D pieces out of recycled water bottles.

The entrance to the school has many windows and is filled with light. The transparency of the painted vinyl and plastic creates a very colorful and visually interesting environment. Anyone visiting the school will be welcomed into a curious floating world. Wonder, excitement, and creativity greeting all who enter.

I can't wait to see the finished installation during the upcoming open house.

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